The Community

Unify the West Discord Administration, is compiled of a group of individuals who would like to see positive change made in Canada. Change that will improve life for all those living in Western Canada, help people in the West feel like they have a voice, a voice that can heard.

Discord is freeware that specializes in text, image, video and audio chat between users in large groups.

For a United West

Our Nation’s Capital declares that everyone is equal, but the West and Indigenous groups in Canada could argue that this is not so. The west wants a say in how things are run, and the direction Canada takes. Those in the West are treated like second class citizens in a country they have kept afloat financially. Indigenous people are treated like they do not belong anywhere. All deserve an equal voice.

The West Wants Out

The West deserves the same representation and a fairer equalization deal. West Wants Out, is a slogan that captures the sentiment of Western Canada, though separation is not necessarily the end goal. It is time for the West to take control of their futures and prepare the way for the next generation to enjoy the rewards of a country where they can feel like they belong. These can be achieved by sovereignty first and/or separation second.

Take control of your life, your country, have your voice heard. Join us on Discord.